Port services

Highly professional staff, developed infrastructure, favorable location and versatility allow to provide consumers with a wide range of high-quality services in optimal terms.

Transshipment, warehousing and storage of goods

  • loading and unloading operations
  • transshipment to sea transport of cargo from other modes of transport and back via the "direct" option and through an open cargo storage warehouse
  • transshipment of oversized and heavy loads
  • dry cleaning of cargo spaces of ships
  • storage of goods in open areas
  • weighing loads
  • cargo sorting
  • execution of dimensional sketches and drawings for oversized and heavy loads in agreement with the railway
  • cargo separation

Maintenance of ships and other vehicles

  • passenger service at the port
  • provision of boats for servicing ships in the roadstead
  • provision of tugs for mooring operations

Organizational and economic services

  • provision of shore-based electric power to ships
  • removal of household and fecal waters, as well as garbage and food waste from ships