The Spartakiad -2023

On June 14-18 of this year, in city of Astana, the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Spartakiad -2023 was held among the employees of JSC KazTransOil and its jointly controlled organizations. The 17 teams from all structural divisions and subsidiaries of JSC KazTransOil arrived in order to take part in the above said Spartakiad. For three days, more than 700 participants competed for the championship, including the united team "Batumi" - Batumi Sea Port Ltd together with Batumi Oil Terminal Ltd. The 17 employees took part on behalf of the Batumi Sea Port Ltd.

The final games were held in 11 sports: mini-football, basketball, swimming, volleyball, table tennis, asyk ata, togyz kumalak, chess, arm wrestling, eSport, tug of war. As per results of the Spartakiad, the Batumi team received prizes in following sports:


1. First place - arm wrestling among women up to 65 kg - Devadze Shorena (Batumi Sea Port Ltd)

2. First place - arm wrestling among women over 65 kg - Tatiana Teneishvili (Batumi Oil Terminal Ltd)

3. First place – swimming among women at a distance of 400 m - Ilchenko Zinaida (Batumi Sea Port Ltd);

4. Second place – mini-football, the united team of Batumi Sea Port Ltd and Batumi Oil Terminal Ltd;

5. Second place - chess among men – Galiev Daniyar (Batumi Oil Terminal Ltd);


A special diploma "For the Will to Win" was received by a member of the volleyball team Kakha Khimshiashvili, a sailor of Batumi Sea Port Ltd.


According to the results of the group standings, the team "Batumi" took 5-th place.


Congratulations to our athletes, we are proud of them and wish them further success and victories!