«MSC Edith II» makes history: the longest container carrier is in the port of Batumi

A significant event took place at the Batumi Sea Port today -the vessel “MSC Edith II”, 216 meters long and 27 meters wide, is the longest container carrier that has ever visited our waters. The container carrier vessel, under the guidance of an experienced Harbour Master, with the help of port fleet tugs, safely moored to the berth of the container terminal.


The vessel belongs to shipping company and container operator –“Mediterranean Shipping Company” (MSC), one of the container transportation leaders in the world. Her arrival at the Batumi Sea Port underlines the growing importance of the port as a vital hub for global maritime trade and transportation.


Port workers and marine specialists have successfully managed with a complex logistical task, ensuring thereby the smooth movement of goods. The arrival of the “MSC Edith II” once again highlighted the competitive advantage of the deep-water port of Batumi over its competitors.